Learning lineages to comprehend self. Distant knowledge settles in daily life, the capacity to transform self for hidden truth not proving worth to anyone else. Warped from perspective alternative motives who need constant admiration. Providing yourself with wisdom instead of applauses. Self mental peace in these new days where seeking constant updates to escape.

Cristina J

First of the First

Don’t be in a rush to be the first. Be the first to surprise your own self. First things first for your development. Never be first to prove a point. First things first when you need change. Don’t be in a rush to be first in line. Patiently be first when you do things that no one knew you were even doing. First things first for your own memories. Don’t be in a rush to beat there game. Play to survive not to be gossiped about.

CJART- Art by Me- Created in 2020 Oil on canvas.