Locked pit outside

You are being to visible they can label you delusional, your inputs will trap you into pits. . . Your truth speaking gifts can create locked intelligence. Control yourself in public before they chain you into entrapments. Blend in seem discouraged, as the ages of hidden powers can no longer be put away, you must harness become like the wind. Flow with ease and comfort while they want you to crumble. Pieces of material they steal , your delusions will soon become fancy like films. Abilities you carry like open weapons concealed. No one wants to hear the barricaded negative beams of forces they burst on to your life. No one wants you to speak , or tell. Turning those you love against you accusing you of instabilities. Soon your delusions will become fancy like films. . .  

Cristina Jimenez


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Photo by Ylanite Koppens

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June: 15% off $30+ order with SUN , Excludes Classpacks & Bulk