It may seem unreasonable and not realistic now. Yet I know I’m about to reach higher levels than what I thought of before. The dreams have been keeping me awake this week. Im sensing so much change I’m scared of change yet I know it’s only the start of what I’m meant to do. Others need me and I need them. My son needs expansion and fearless mindsets. I’m so excited yet scared of where my visions are taking me to next. Stay connected follow my social Instagram @ discocolor see y’all there. . Again ,, thanks 🙏

Final clue

Photo credit :/ free pexel.

Earth is a giant disco planet now. Half of the population is orbiting in repetitive repeats while the other half is starving to eat. Others are dancing to new days of hidden hope, and some just want to watch and roll time into probable dice throws of life’s highs and lows . Content with simply breathing no need to gleam only watch the silent screams. No treasure robbing destiny just labored work to feel alive and earths reflective sun beams. What a time to always stay alive.

Cristina Jimenez 10:17 pm