False light

Its appeal and humility seemed like light bearing fountains that I could emerse my whole soul into. It was a false light that only hid secrets barricaded beneath sweet appeal. I learned to remove the blockages which I once deemed as amazement, once I dug I entered darkness, corruption, and deficiency. Once it was gone forever into a past wish, I found a self analysis of knowing I hold the power to my majestic ray of resources not anyone else. I export my own resilience into my colorful paradise. –Cristina Jimenez

Windy petals

Photo by me

Strolls and Bunny’s hiding in the thorns. Monday break before the monthly end. Eclipse doors opening doesn’t mean anything anymore. These roses intake the shine. Hearing all the chatter on placed tables. I repeat my weekly fable whisper to the bee working hard for its sweet honey. I ask its thorns you got anything besides a cut and a sting?. It responded please don’t pluck only watch me.