There are certain individuals I like to call earth light beings, who walk into your life when no one ever noticed you, when you were in misery in the dark, when you couldn’t see any form of light, when you cried yourself to sleep. Overtime these earthly angels offered a applause, a pat on the back, sat at your table when no one else would, made you feel as if you always were amazing talented and made sure your seen and acknowledged. No romantic gestures just pure friendship, human kindness, a form of purity that children carry. Overtime they let go of your hand reminding you of your self courage, overtime they move on to continue the light bearing beams to others , and you can finally fly free and also begin the mission of light warrior spirit to others in need. A human consciousness evolving into new earth.

Recognize your earthly values- photo by me CJ

Windy petals

Photo by me

Strolls and Bunny’s hiding in the thorns. Monday break before the monthly end. Eclipse doors opening doesn’t mean anything anymore. These roses intake the shine. Hearing all the chatter on placed tables. I repeat my weekly fable whisper to the bee working hard for its sweet honey. I ask its thorns you got anything besides a cut and a sting?. It responded please don’t pluck only watch me.