Reversed clock

Photos and art by me. 11/2022

Reversed clockworks aged once again. Doing more yet it’s less. The clock clicks in forward steps. Sorry I missed your calls we all say. Constantly reading texts , reading every message on every object, person, and place. I’ll do it differently this time no communication, no drained questions of what will you do. Instead I skipped another hour and created my own letters of explanation.

Cristina Jimenez Art

Directors seat.

  Have a little joy, create for yourself a movie on screen. Embrace all the characters the director has placed upon your script. Fulfil the scenes beautifully and entertain the viewers by directing yourself to new trajectory’s through enticing them from beginning to end. Don’t take all this so seriously don’t edit every detail of your life to bring in perfection, embrace all directions and cuts. Your life’s movie can really be a fragment of your imagination if you learn to view it from all perspectives.