El papayote restaurant.

August celebration of my mother’s birthday. She was born in El Salvador and has been living in the U.S for over 45 years. In honor of her country we ate Salvadorian style food. A local favorite in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. The location was filled with modern style art with a touch of the Salvadorian culture. The food was really good. I myself am very critical of restaurants that make food from El Salvador, not all locations can carry the same flavors. I will consider eating here soon sometime again.

Cristina J

7 seas coconut soup 🍲.

El Cholo Mexican Restaurant

I pretty much grew up in this iconic restaurant. My father has worked here over 35 years and is soon retiring. Most of my birthdays were here since we weren’t big on parties, or much of a big family. I have fond memories of the staff, photography, artwork, and the constant remodeling of the location it self. This weekend I was able to revive and enjoy a nice dinner with my parents. The nostalgia is always alive here once I enter, the little girl in me becomes so aware of my senses the flavor of the food that hasn’t changed , it is still amazing and delicious. It heals a part of me when I seek to remember my roots. El Cholo’s really does it job in reminding me that somehow a piece of my personality lives here.