Colors chant

Cactus dress

She decided to still purchase the dressSilently she distilled to the desert.Deciding that night life was more magical roaming alone in the breeze she whispers to the prickly cactus can we be friends? I’ll tell you everything you… Read More

Scented elegance

Concealing every ounce of devotionScents seem to linger.A new mystery ready to be untoldWatching me like a pearl is found in a strange paradise, her skin yearns for a touch as light as rain and simple as pink.A… Read More


I balance your painI’m death your my flowersI’m waiting again the honey is devoured –Cristina Jimenez


In this forever grid a paradigm I co create with all infinite souls an everlasting habitual peace river to deliver transpire and do our best to re-wire our plains of greens for all children can roam free under… Read More

Bulb moment

Charging infused lethargy moments turned into resonance with what we are becoming receiving interweaving miles of what’re must be like when we play niceThere is a light that won’t shut off it’s been illuminating me speaking gently of… Read More


Night out refreshing everlasting taste clearly seeing the enchantment we enhance only to glance at all the magic we createdThe magic we created that has brought forth a sophistication into this realm of matterThe matter of living ,… Read More

Desert poet

Solid creatures they speak loudly never moving always in the midst of movements. Boldly living under heated hills in the stillness of the sand dunes you’ll get to hear an empty sphere swirling with golden dust asking you… Read More