Dont Grow Weak

The Dream realms are hinting at the new prophecy’s I enter the path with fruitful apples growing and deposited into my soul. The seeds are sprouting and allowing for the dreamer to keep on seeing. The ever growing ripe fruit understands what the sleeper had to endure. The low corrupt depression that was placed from jealous spirits, the envious ones that need to correct with egotistical mouths. They watch and eat like leeches. There spirits are rotting. Richness awaits for the patient water bearing mother and father. Entering the realm of divinity is not for the weak. Surprises come to those that surpass the entities that constantly need to feed there egos. Constantly corrupting and disturbing sweetness for there leisure’s. False attributes to be in a rush to proclaim false gold.

Cristina Jimenez

Photo by Pixabay


First of the First

Don’t be in a rush to be the first. Be the first to surprise your own self. First things first for your development. Never be first to prove a point. First things first when you need change. Don’t be in a rush to be first in line. Patiently be first when you do things that no one knew you were even doing. First things first for your own memories. Don’t be in a rush to beat there game. Play to survive not to be gossiped about.

CJART- Art by Me- Created in 2020 Oil on canvas.