Up lifted sorrow

A couple of months have gone by since I’ve painted. I’ve done this before where I went almost four years before ever thinking of painting or thought I would pick up a brush again. As I harnest my sorrow, sadness, maturity, events, emotion,mental clarity , depression, bliss, and everything a normal human should feel, I figured out a new secret key to unlocking my creativity. A key to open new doors of levels to my art somehow I been painting and working in my imagination I think of colors everyday. I create sequences and designs with everything else from these months of no physical labored art I’ve already made dozens of pieces stored in my imagination ready to be birthed soon. I’ve also been passing on my creativity to others but only in real life not social media and it feels more authentic and no one seems to rob or steal my ideas in the real world. . . Singing is still my daily love. Believe it or not I don’t have enough room to store my god given gift’s. I might be gloomy but never bored.

Cristina Jimenez

Thank you A for my tiny flower 🌻 (7)1/2

Under the influence

As Mother Earth continues her raptures and cleansing many are awakening to the fact that we have been under the influence . Since childhood we are always under the influence of anything the word inspiration should be taken lightly. Under the influence always of others ideas, others gifts and talents, under the influence of our peers at these matrix public schools, under the influence of religions, under the influence of others family karma. We continue treading under the influence of every single thing until we pause. Everything has a imprint into our soul be careful what you feed, eat, and watch.

Now it’s time to be under your own influence, make sure who you inspire as the scales are always balanced in the ego you feed. .

Cristina Jimenez Speaks

Photo credit:// free pexel – sobriety is purity the closest thing we have to truth. . . Two years no alcohol I salute ME!