Night out refreshing everlasting taste clearly seeing the enchantment we enhance only to glance at all the magic we created
The magic we created that has brought forth a sophistication into this realm of matter
The matter of living , the matter of perception the ions of life
It’s our magic we created and now we can roam it’s our world stimulating contemplating breathing all our souls knowing where to go
Nourishing our inner womb the little humanoid in us wanting to grow
Evolving into abyss the bliss
The water carrier.

Cristina J


In constant motion seamless glossing over structures we all once knew morbid weaving into our routines challenging yet once again features of creatures are staring into your dilemmas without any help we’re all in our own mobile protection net encrypted together like butterfly cells close up don’t forget the secret pathway with vines of green clouds peeking as you see above you dark shades surround the shoulders you hold dear the wind breeze hugs you gently you found the pink enchanting sphere glowing in the sand with shimmer glazing in eclectic lights it’s dawn again maybe I’ll see you tonight.

2020/mixed media on wooden desktop surface