Colors chant

I’m starting to look less at evil eyes and more into my depths of shadows accepting all human emotions as my own reflections these evil eyes no longer stare back at me for I create my own glory…. Read More


In this forever grid a paradigm I co create with all infinite souls an everlasting habitual peace river to deliver transpire and do our best to re-wire our plains of greens for all children can roam free under… Read More

Bulb moment

Charging infused lethargy moments turned into resonance with what we are becoming receiving interweaving miles of what’re must be like when we play niceThere is a light that won’t shut off it’s been illuminating me speaking gently of… Read More


Glances second chances looping in spirals of celestial views lenses previewing what we once knew midnight serene silver green mermaid swimmingPurity cleansing clearly illuminating the silver moon flying away into the unknown.Ponds miniature life swim into all that… Read More