Luna Luna Alone

Patiently inclined to pursue the seriousness of these forces. A fatherly presence held my hand while I gathered noisy courageous volume to speak bold. I spoke to my past, present and future self. Now all that’s left is the unused soft decoding , the scented programming, and values like shimmering gems and Jewel’s. Reserved stillness of the one I missed. The lunatic hunches I missed. – Cristina J

Photo by me 10:05pm

First of the First

Don’t be in a rush to be the first. Be the first to surprise your own self. First things first for your development. Never be first to prove a point. First things first when you need change. Don’t be in a rush to be first in line. Patiently be first when you do things that no one knew you were even doing. First things first for your own memories. Don’t be in a rush to beat there game. Play to survive not to be gossiped about.

CJART- Art by Me- Created in 2020 Oil on canvas.