Further fields of waves

Castles in clandestine aquatic views of panoramic whirls of storms

sealed , redefined and saved. Figuring out the surrendered rendered contenders

that want to replace and chase the maze. Petals falling from the fallen fields of benevolent

clouds that float into dimensions never before manifested. Castles never found before that

travel and appear into fields of scented silk embracing settled prints in every juicy plum step.

Cristina Jimenez MelodyVisions

colorful gentle petals in water in bowl

Cristina Jimenez

You are being set free

You are liberating your self and setting your self free from the matrix

you have healed and now you can conceal a new identity for yourself

you can see how loving the universal forces support you , guiding you

into frequencies of electrical waves of unbound contracts, you are glowing

you have done all that is needed to be, act accordingly separate the disconfigurations

you are enough to conceal the differences moments are justice floating into temples.

Cristina Jimenez ArtBlog Melody Visions

crop person hand in broken mirror