Buried treasures

Buried treasure fantasy’s created in our time searching in constant motion for the next glimmering spark of hope. A light shining buried within me in constant motion I understand it’s guidance In a dance so elegantly it spins around till I can’t seem to frown buried treasures you found.

“Artistic Transmissions” – Cristina JImenez Photography

“2020 is activating new visions for me”-(conversations with self)




The perfect beauty of Venus the perfect beauty of you.
Rotating on its own axis no one seems to have access a musical fifth knows the right key yet it only harmonizes a dance opposite from her beauty so she can silently glow with out a judgement in this realm , discord’s are rare.
Her systems seem to enjoy harmony but never minds a geometric companion.
An alchemical dance.- Cristina Jimenez

Miles Davis Jazz Album Art

“Wooden table a Miles Davis Album cover inspired art.-2019/20”