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Circular recognition gold ceilings displayed glitter the way gold is not suppose to trust. Synchronistic waves take over washing beliefs away quietly revolting kickstarting your heart opening up systems of ancient wisdom blending the new directions of revolutionary love, wind calls the past falls every second is transcribed into existential creation. Time warps mental manipulations dissolve into bliss of pure angelic realms seeking to coexist. –Cristina Jimenez

Zolar the messenger

Illusionary fairy flying and roaming living in the future a infinite spiral of designs
Concealing her destiny she can see beyond the veil questioning if she will fail transmuting in between now and the end.
We know the future because we are loving in it already dimensionally placed in all places at the same time almost like most of our chatting rhymes
Already cycling in fairy atmospheres entranced in oasis of desert mosaics were rebelling against our own fears non political agendas have turned into outdoor chapels of unity since everything became polluted long ago all I wanted was to experience my soul before they vanish our emotions will you find me in the middle of this no where dance?


Opal floors

Selective processing patterns of created maladjusted perceptions gold mosaic master pieces placed upon you
connecting to segments familiar to your essence understanding the musical box that churns a new direction the dreams we dance in tiled pearled heavens in clear transparent opal colored floors gazing upon the multiple altitudes you want to reach jeweled foreverness golden leafs floating away beneath your feet. . . Let me soak richly into your existence an illusion shining into all that is. .

Cristina Jimenez