Colors chant


The wooden woman made
A hand you reach
Love is all they offer
The wooden woman isn’t mad she’s your world in your palm.
Cristina Jimenez


“Wood Art-2019/20”

I’m starting to look less at evil eyes and more into my depths of shadows accepting all human emotions as my own reflections these evil eyes no longer stare back at me for I create my own glory. They remind me of what lurks when I forget parts of my soul then I smile some more knowing Iam too a funny master of love in disguise – Cristina Jimenez


Circular recognition gold ceilings displayed glitter the way gold is not suppose to trust. Synchronistic waves take over washing beliefs away quietly revolting kickstarting your heart opening up systems of ancient wisdom blending the new directions of revolutionary love,wind calls the past falls every second is transcribed into existential creation. Time warps mental manipulations dissolve into bliss of pure angelic realms seeking to coexist. –Cristina Jimenez

Feather words

Messengers carrier of lucid transcripts
Paper made airplanes air filled velocity
Returning to the city is never quite as it seemed
Travels seem to unravel a new majestic royalty a humble cloud of blue
Speed of momentary memories seem to have vanished for now I’ll continue to write as light as a feather hoping this time copilots make a riot. – Cristina Jimenez


Estos pasos lentos me lleva la lluvia
Del olvido los pasos que escuchaba de noche
Un movimiento que me llama a caminar
Extraño los caminos iliminar y soñar despierta esta realidad
Entender lo nuevo y encender tu calor
La vida siempre sera un sueño.-Cristina Jimenez


Giants coexisting with all species
Wonders of the world don’t surprise me
Delving dissolving time frequencies of ecstatic sounds
Sparks connected instantly
What else did you expect stars to do? Think?
Colliding stars decided to crash instantly
Simple chemic reactions syncing in harmony. –Cristina Jimenez


Nano particles of stardust will continue to evolve until were dissolved into nothingness for now we enjoy the last hand cooked meals the last original woman made children lets enjoy these last organic waves as we transmute into paradise of our holographic panoramas feeling ecstatic hollowness
we humans believe were returning to a natural state of mind that’s the biggest lie happening before our eyes.
Living in this earth like dimension
it’s all perception of echos ringing back
being human feeling it all the chaos and the rain the ecstasy of rainbows , soon it will all end no more senses only lenses , capturing our emotions the paradigm shift is bringing oneness to live living inside our divine minds to make this earth field a pure vibrational sound. Our human like qualities will form newness of moralities creating a influx of our shape shifting children who will be able to truly change this organic world.
Nano tunes displaying all we perceive it to be.
One song one breath one mess.


Zolar the messenger

Illusionary fairy flying and roaming living in the future a infinite spiral of designs
Concealing her destiny she can see beyond the veil questioning if she will fail transmuting in between now and the end.
We know the future because we are loving in it already dimensionally placed in all places at the same time almost like most of our chatting rhymes
Already cycling in fairy atmospheres entranced in oasis of desert mosaics were rebelling against our own fears non political agendas have turned into outdoor chapels of unity since everything became polluted long ago all I wanted was to experience my soul before they vanish our emotions will you find me in the middle of this no where dance?



Sensitive soul I know you well
You don’t care you only love
All the knowledge I wanted to share
It seems you know it well
The shadow figures are entering distilling our movie scene
I pretend I’m your strawberry forever
Then I speak boldly a paranoid mind isn’t suppose to be pretty
That’s why I dislike my beauty
Like you.

Cristina Jimenez


I balance your pain
I’m death your my flowers
I’m waiting again the honey is devoured

Cristina Jimenez

“Brush work”


I feel the warmth and bitterness
I can taste your words
Experience your pain
We can confirm with instrumental devices
We can keep imaging these great dreams
You are a dream something familiar
Dreams of you a wolf bizarre you never let me into your clockwork fantasy’s
In my dreams Iam you and you are me
In my dreams I awake to seek you
You stopped speaking
You seemed to stop your ticking
For now we continue to weep
Facing all uncertainty with great ease . . .
Loose yourself in the pain the greatest escape. . .



In this forever grid a paradigm I co create with all infinite souls an everlasting habitual peace river to deliver transpire and do our best to re-wire our plains of greens for all children can roam free under a guidance of genius protection like a bears winter hibernation humanity needs a peaceful sleep but we aren’t made for comfort we are living souls we just forget our GlOW.

Cristina Jimenez