I began painting seriously at 16 years of age my self painting journey begins in San Pedro California and then raised in South Gate California. I started to paint the colors of everyday flow that pumps blue and red tones perfected enough for me to display emotions in contrast tones, daily life sounds, daily life routine, humans , nature and places I greet. In 2014 I birthed my first born son giving birth sparked in me infinite creativity, as I picked up painting again people began to request commissions that also helped motivate me to pursue my career. I moved hometowns in 2016 from Los Angeles city to San Bernardino new small town it began to teach me how to adapt to all circumstances naturally, provoking a need to paint again by being transparent in my works of art from 2016-Current. Now in 2020 I find my art becoming just more known outside of family and friends and now establishing more connections in the artworld itself. I plan to paint my reality as oppose to abstract work to really push my skill ethic and discipline. My visions need to be displayed and painted seriously as oppose to rushing a painting for online platforms. Slowing down my process to execute quality work and a honest representation of my life and current world issues is my new mission. Displaying at a Gallery soon!. Thanks collectors.

2008- Art and music event held at (Senior fish Bar and Grille ) in Downtown La.

2009- Self Help Graphics (HNDP) Community gathering.

2010- Harbor city music and art gathering ( Local Shop).

2011-2014 Art and science tutor ( Ready-Set-Go) Los Angeles district Branch.

2014-2015 -After school enrichment programs ( A.S.E.P)-So-Cal through-out Los Angeles.

 2015- East Los Angeles art walk (Quetzal Boutique).

2016-Book feature in (Creative WomenWorldWide).

2017- Art landing gallery in Inglewood CA (Plural Expression).

    2018/ 2019- Garage Mural/commissions/freelance.

2020- Victor Valley Museum Artist exhibit reception in partner ship with (San Bernardino County Museums). Live Demo provided.

2020 * (@ NowArt LA)- Adelanto CA, art (Installment for Walmart Store).

2020 * -@( Createnowarts Volunteer )take over.(COVID-19) Shelter in Place. . Volunteer painting presentation with create now arts Instagram live.

2020- New Instagram Account- Melody Visions- Artist showcase for 2021.

” I use to paint pretty things now they are messages I receive from the source energy ” – Cristina Jimenez conversations with self.

  • 2020 Raising funds and awareness for black lives matter (So)California. Non profit art. Email if interested in buying art strictly for non profit / or contact above ⬆️✔️