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 Painter at heart soul taught.

Follow her Artistic Journey as she ventures as a independent artist who paints in phases. California native with a passion for painting with bright colors and eccentric meanings to her artwork. Author of self blog and poetry, venturing on a journey to a new series of color and cycles.

shallow focus photo of paint brushes

Spheres of iridescent skies

No one expected to ever see the incoming of these light beings . Most people were never the same after viewing the truth in the skies. The red lights that took over made some extremely scared as many were already in a paranoid frame of mind , Melody knew that her duty was to healContinue reading “Spheres of iridescent skies”

Vintage clockwork

Melody was able to recharge in a matter of weeks. All the debris , wounds, and tare was fading off her new metallic body field, invisible to 5-g and 5-d evil eyes she could surpass there false welcoming stories. Melody began to use her orbits of energy to send them in to the ethos ofContinue reading “Vintage clockwork”

Fearless silence

In a matter of sequences mental clarity began to settle in the midst of the fear it made Melody relentless , shifted her energetic fields into icy shields of gamma rays that charged her with unstoppable force that no one could figure out when she had upgraded or turned into a shape shifting organic lucidContinue reading “Fearless silence”

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“Painting is a medium I seek when I cant speak”

“Embracing the unwanted , unknown is how we can create factual knowledge , inner-self knowing takes work”

“Conspiring to control others is not great for neuro divergent”

“The definition of Intelligence should be re investigated and rewritten in order to save ourselves years of pondering”

“Infinite cycles” 2017CJ

selective photograph of a wall with grafitti
2020 Wooden Art Murals

Be Free they said, so she danced in new lands.

Cristina Jimenez Art Blog