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Cristina Jimenez is a mixed media creator painting and using various paint mediums such as oil, acrylic and industrial paint, her works have been displayed in local art walks, boutiques, shops, galleries and sold to personal clients around Southern California Los Angeles area but her favorite passion is being in her space creating vortexes of infinite colors and forms inspired by the phases of the lunar cycles she tends to her art by carving out time early in the morning or in between schedules of her daily routines of the ordinary and turning reality into poetic art.
Book Feature "Creative women worldwide'
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Los angeles based/Southern California High desert

Spring creations

Spring equinox and happy full moon! New astrological new year begins. Small blog entry to celebrate TItle:spring creations 3/20/19 Feeling sedated by the new flowers creator has placed under my shoes, I once walked as if nothing magical in life happens until I experienced the truth, musical chants birds are chirping missing there creator love so sweet and deep it needs to be expressed with new aromas, colored valleys & sun rays, the watered jewels that fell from the skies in order to provide seasonal springs to feel whole again… Read more Spring creations



“Perplexed purple passion” Reflections of her eternalness Others see her as loneliness Perplexed complex her mind Is beyond infinite intelligence Solitude forms her quest not a single color forms her body she’s gold alchemy of passion her luscious hair can’t be tamed, thighs are to mesmerized never sized into expectations or attachments yet she never reveals her most benevolent desires, feminine and masculine a duality for human nature yet she’s her own paradox a light of gold.


Walking into 5D not a new year.Time of illusions are left behind transparency is activating , authenticity is growing passion is the new currency. Cultivating realities for yourself the paths… Read more 5D


remembering me calling in checking in moments of pure resonance my own presence its essence appreciating the ingenuity not asking for more placing my attention on the simplicity of  reality happily ever after is your own well being the eternal source that calls the wells that deliver if you ask