Vintage clockwork

Melody was able to recharge in a matter of weeks. All the debris , wounds, and tare was fading off her new metallic body field, invisible to 5-g and 5-d evil eyes she could surpass there false welcoming stories. Melody began to use her orbits of energy to send them in to the ethos of evil wanderers. Once she herd the ringing in her range she delivered her capacities in forms of trembling roads that could dissipate any hate.

Cristina J

Season 4 10/21 preview

Real wars real Men

Fearless silence

In a matter of sequences mental clarity began to settle in the midst of the fear it made Melody relentless , shifted her energetic fields into icy shields of gamma rays that charged her with unstoppable force that no one could figure out when she had upgraded or turned into a shape shifting organic lucid being. Suddenly hidden followers began to ask for her healing hands to deliver her deliverance but now she didn’t let no one devour she was teleported into 9-d consciousness and was living in the hidden temple the alliance built for galactic chosen members of the new earth.

Cristina speaks

Season 4 10/21 visionary colorful melody

Cuba 2033