Foamy textures everyone only was concerned with sudden breakthroughs cleansing and purifying soap to meet a new pope although these vibrational wars were here to show us our true potential as eternal beings the collective population became concerned with becoming bubbles drenched in worry about our evolution what have we surrounded too. We kept checking our bubble spheres always cleansing never the less trapped in clear energetic traps we started to learn about waves caused by mental pain. We all learned our bubble world only was an invisible false shield were in our own minds now we kept trying to break out.

The bubble eventually vanished we were all operating from different perspectives and lenses adjusting false documentations reviving only our old human memories before they arrived, we had to keep choosing only one or two and many of us kept thinking when did this start and when does it end? You know the loop hole were in and no one was admitting humans were stuck on repetition and the innocent decided to hide instead, it all happened before they arrived. Always near dear.

Cristina Jimenez Artblog


Mid night tales

Her brightness was illuminated and orchestrated always questioning beyond these parameters that seem to close in. Melody always pondered beyond these great scales of rules questioning all truth.

Why were those closest confused feeling obligated to question her knowledge ? while all she did was acknowledge your selective pallets of dull characteristics making sure you felt astonished , inspiring you to dissolve the gossip.

Melody was screaming silently inside asking when will society rise above these mental prisons and create there own light rather than cause her shame about her funny games , she was a master of forgetting the hurt , transferring her emotions into new dirt .

“She was never wasting a glimpse of devotion to old repressed emotions .”

Melody was silently screaming dissolve the gossip listen to your breathing illuminate your dark side so you can stop using evil eyes , she always told everyone that she didn’t live in your world , she was bright light guiding motion pictures that are clear.

Clear transparent silver surfaces were now entering our minds we can’t deny what we think we are seeing and what we see is becoming color clear .

Cristina Jimenez Artblog

Diagnosed Dancing

Enchanted she was

She was alone mostly with her pet friendly friends. For years nothing changed until the digital world took over suddenly everyone knew her name she kinda found it strange all the made up stories they chatted away. She was cleaning and day dreaming nothing changed for her except the world around her , people , and old friends all gazed at her as if she wasn’t herself anymore confused she asked where have you all been? I been in the backyard you all got stuck in your virtual worlds again disputing virtues .

I was busy cleaning the chicken poop you all made of me

thanks it helped all my pet friendly stories gain recognition in human life.

Cristina Jimenez Art .

Glittering debris

Sacred cow

A sacred cow she became when the season asked for change.

The moment the cow mooed and shared her milk the mosquitos devoured ,

every ounce they can steal always provoking a mad cow when they should hold

her near and nourish the sacred cow she had transformed into.

The sacred cow is embraced the sacred cow do not disturb her.

Don’t moo like her

Don’t move like her

comfort the sacred cow she will always nourish you without any crown,

the scared cow is peacefully in the village with the grass krill’s.

Cristina Jimenez