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Brite Lite New Neon designs and sells custom LED neon signs for home decor, weddings, small businesses, interior designers, architects, shops, brands and event professionals. We are customer driven and strive to provide an affordable medium for our clients to express their creativity by designing their own new neon™ signs.

We have 4 main product lines:

  1. Personalized signs designed using our online customizer tool and purchased directly on the website and shipped to customer in 21 days
  2. More complex signs designed with the assistance of our design consultants (logos, mixing fonts and colors, shapes, etc…);
  3. Stock signs designed by us and available on our website

Our exclusive New Neon dry erase boards Our New Neon signs are energy efficient, safe, affordable, cool to the touch, easy to install and come with a remote.

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Create your own custom neon sign at Brite Lite New Neon

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