Skipping through timelines

Interference of every degree skipped through every timeline. Perceiving these alternate truths into dream states. Unknown apologies communicating in dreams while I sleep. Unknown places I locate and travel too while I sleep. Still life during early morning hours. Slowness seems unbearable only if you can’t seem to pause. Now I’m able to fly into this divine realm gliding with ease into blissful ness. While the sun flares with attacks onto human existence my praises glide through the penetrating flares and glares that seem to destroy many minds. Inward light flows through this dark phase never waiting or wasting hourly time. Only lost in the spirit of forgiveness. True organic transcending of the mind without any use of usage to reach these levels. The power is in your voice and mind.

Cristina Jimenez

Photo by me / cloud praise


Chatter box

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