Capable of trevail

  Connectedness intermediate quick instants is now at a slow turn. Victory over flesh like tendencies is becoming known all around the world. The basic necessity to connect is becoming original again. Many can see the giant experiments that are casted onto us under social like profiles we all sign up for probing. Tested and relocated perfect networking rooms wont ever exist.  True travails becoming human or robotic? which do you choose. A release of social wars are starting some are ending. In a few years we will become awakened to the mental sickness many face due to the sign-ups to desperately connect. When humans are always around us yet we want to choose and control our circles. Becoming mentally free and safe in mind like freedom to be content with the people we see everyday in cars, stores, and our streets. Reality shifts back to original connections passing notes in class again.

Cristina Jimenez

Art by me – Cristina Jimenez


Chatter box

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