Inventing a new

The less you control and float about you can figure out the schemes, the plots, and turns . Parasitic energy wants us to be inspired yet not respecting the divine order that is orchestrated for your own life and grand generational influence. We continue to rob each other and steal personalities trying others lives as costumes. We keep stealing and wonder why our inventions no longer flourish and everything is a remake. We continue stealing pretending to be others rather than creating a new pathway fearless pursuit of balance not always happiness. Laboring and harnessing the winds of what you will make to elevate your ancestral legacy. The giant robotic scheme of social media dilemmas robbing and stealing the imprints of destinies. Returning the cycles of theft now your the one asking what did I do to deserve this? We all know the power we want to consume like a costume. Let’s quit pretending we are brand new.

Art by me -CJ 2018


Chatter box

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