Auto circuit circus

After everything was used and constantly fed socially and networking felt dead, we could sense a ego end was approaching. Social acting and performing for others made us feel unwanted instead. In the future “the end” actually meant no more worrying about constantly proving your worth on these social spaces that were reflections of our inter personal minds which made it seem socially normal. We remembered our power is proving our worth to our selves. Inventing became restored, platforms meant financial security and no longer social imagery. Friendships changed into online financial freedom networks to build a new simple life offline. Off line was luxurious privacy and hidden was the new life the small generation was planning but the elders could not see. The elders always worried about principalities due to constant self worth, the younger beings worried about mental freedom making sure there minds remained free and pure to keep creating for themselves not robotic algorithms that became a new prison in 2020. 2033 was the future of real world peace.

Cristina Jimenez – from the future

Our devices were small made prisons . .-CJ/2017-photo


Chatter box

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