Solo self- analyze

Into the forest I ran. The wilderness spoke volumes of deep escapism. I noticed everyone traveled from destination to destination never really approaching what they idolize to see. The great silence brought about more inner knowing, yet everyone pretended to get along. Artificial relationships no one wants to meet but only find a cheap thrill of peace. Normal was always waiting for us to respect the space yet we wanted to be the future so desperately we discouraged emotion and disregarded those who angered and raged. Mental disorders we labeled ourselves instead of obedience to the almighty. Many are in brain damage from the clouds of non sober days calling it healthier particle intakes. Remedies pretending to heal yet we keep placing excuses wanting to conceal the madness created from unknown realms saying religious temples only steal , we keep neglecting the almighty due to mans religious made mistakes saying that is why I only believe in being a good human not understanding we need less lukewarm excuses no one wants to cry or feel. We only want positive instant gratification instead of relationship with god.

Cristina Jimenez

“False worship true god”. Not gods no idols-CJ


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