2022 over taken

The energetic pull in the atmospheres continue to linger. A sense of unknown approaches , we no longer feel the same for any of these applications or sensations many are starting to grow dull. The sun rays shine yet they feel in pure . The moon glistens yet it feels like an old show being played on repeat. Everything has been robbed and manipulated for purchase nothing seems authentic to us anymore even nature it self is a constant repetition. The real hack isn’t found online anymore , now we want to escape to the slow moving world, the world where we don’t need constant photos reminding us of our life but the pause where we develop our pride in a humble way where our days feel handmade and not genius or creative just a simple gratitude and a little attitude that is safe to display, not to parade a point or prove our knowledge that was found on google but rather in the inner depths of our soul compass.

Cristina Jimenez Speaks

I now know you were always watching me, – “hidden watchers create dilemmas and anger.”-2017- self timed photography ten seconds to social non sense.


Chatter box

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