So long creature

The tiny creatures are departing in search of new forbidden territory. The tiny creatures longed for the dirt lands where dust filled there critter like minds. Until the princess decided to shine again and remembered she never died only had a long gentle sleep where she was able to weep. After the lunar new year nothing was left to sweep, no cob webs, no dust, no particles of gloom. The princess became renewed resorting everything the critters fed off of her jeweled blood spots they could no longer eat of her doomed plates she no longer had time to entertain there estranged puzzled nets. The virtual cleanse purified every inch of her palace where she was able to sing aloud again!.

Cristina Jimenez-

Return of the graceful servant.

“Vanity may eat you but it’s who I naturally am, graceful not a clone.”-self timed photos 2015


Chatter box

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