Delivery of powers

Photo credit :// free pexel “visions continue in dream states”.-CJ

All of my dreams I’ve encountered since childhood all puzzles together like a series of my own theatric spectacle of tales. Dimensional heavenly realms are what I’ve encountered many lifetimes I ascend all in a matter of days Iam able to recall how it all formats together evenly yet oddly enough to distinguish life from hell in which I seek to prevail proving once again unto me I don’t belong as a humanistic creature yet alone nor a saint or a sinner but a beginner of the great end that is near , now inhabiting the codependent realm of glory in cold boldness withstanding my fiery heat , embracing the test of the all knowing . I’ve activated something no one can speak the biggest secret I must tell for others sake of belief.

Cristina Jimenez

Photo credit :// free pexel “Messenger of spirit”.


Chatter box

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