Into the wilderness

Cities filled with attractions, distractions, leading to altercations. The energy to change the world and build anew. A whole new world is the shining wish. Real gold doesn’t exists, value and worth is dismantled with rotten termites constantly buzzing around sucking the blood filled life of those born with great shrines of everlasting love of self. Greatness was built from scratch, tears, and wars of fear.

The majestic woman sits still watching the termites from a far that want to creep in and send there buzzing evil energy onto her crowned throne. She smiles knowing her soldiers are fighting the battle while they play in the lions den. The majestic woman elevates every time the flies want to place a spying eye. Telling her self don’t they know she’s the judge and ruler of it all?.

Cristina J

Photo credit: (freepexel). “Into the wilderness she’s goes but free from the termites and flies that only spy to make fun of her , she’s laughing knowing the jokes on them”


Chatter box

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