Sacrificing tradition

Eventually someone decides when to change the scripts , the actors, and actresses. We are literally lost in our own identities most are in denial of these dramas occurring in our growth and development. Placing racial discrimination to the side and being truthful as to why I’m going to set my self free from these chains that torment and repeat until someone says enough is enough. The same story we are taught, shown, and we never grow. Latino women and men battling against each other not the Mexicans that are truly born in there territory, I claim those who are born into the unknown and placed in the U.S then we call Mexico “home”, Mexico is not our home we are mostly lost in homemade “novelas”- (soap opera’s).

Here in the U.S true sense of identity changes into Chicano and Chicana’s . It’s almost as if we are another kind of people not the original authentic blood lineages we should be proud of and is truly a beautiful heritage. Instead in the U.S we only learn basic things such as looking great, competition, and hate. In our own circles we are taught to be obsessive about each other’s lives and never helping each other. Pride bleeds in to our parent’s , no one knows how to mind there growth instead we are taught to make sure no one gets ahead. Now generations have gone by and we have gotten no where only stuck in the same games. We aren’t taught to learn and change instead since kids we learn who has the best shoes, clothes, we obsessively talk about each other , shame each other , hate on one another about who got paid. When someone purchases a new car or house immediately family sends you hateful thoughts, it’s always a game for us Latinos and then we wonder why are we suddenly the ones loosing and being made fun of instead of breaking away having the courage to live a private happy life. We are like monsters needing to know every detail about each other because we are miserable. It’s time we look around at other cultures and races and notice how everyone else is rising above and we continue to cry and whine about who is the “mas hermosa” (most beautiful) , “quein tiene mas dinero” ( who is financially stable) we sit in our “salas” (living room areas) in envy rather than live a free , energetic filled, happy private life for a couple of years in order to develop and grow a little. No instead we take offense at the relatives who decided to break free and cast their own out treating each other mean.


My own people drain me we aren’t real Mexican anymore – Cristina Jimenez


Photo credit :// free pexel – we must relearn everything if we want to save our culture.


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