Fast foward

It suddenly hit me like a winter storm, these individuals never cared I was the gullible one , the giver , I never proclaimed riches but I shared my knowledge , my personal photo albums, my whole life . I opened doors to individuals who only came to seek to copy. I always offered jobs, wisdom, and creative knowledge that took years to gather. I shared my precious moments that we kept hidden in photo books. Individuals that were suppose to be family to my son and all they did was spite me, we tried to be friendly In hopes of a amazing “family” , made food, held respect for every single person, I even invited them when I was at my lowest after the hospital beds.

They all came in like herds smoking and drinking even taking more photos and never received anything in return but a mockery of my talent, skill , and abilities now they even created “Businesses” out of me. It took me 30 years to finally shut my doors and begin a fresh new life. Thanks for nothing. I’m not here to inspire you Iam here to keep healing my traumas and tribulations. The joke is on you for following my social media it was all a show.

Cristina Jimenez Speaks


Keep copying me keep receiving your karma and continue to realize you need to stop copying creative geniuses – photo credit Freepexel


Chatter box

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