Counting time

Melody discovers time ever existed. Dates , sequences , eras all numerical counting for cycles of work were not real. Sleeping patterns changed as well as our ability to sync with the old clocks . Melody discovers technology was how scanning time took place in order for our memories to recognize our place on father earth , she discovers all organic humans were capable of time traveling. Physical attributes meant not a single thing after her discovery . Preservation of the brain also lead to loss of temporary reality to function in new levels . The release of technology from the higher ups was how we measured our mental evolution . Seasons repeated themselves time never changed only the humans did. Ancient civilizations meant nothing as we were those ancient beings too. Time meant nothing only our perception of ourselves did. Technology is what marks our species on father earth to determine how we transform next. In this frame we started to accept we couldn’t stay the same as much as we wanted to.

Photo credit: free pexel

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