The roads started to be shut down and sealed. The higher ups demanded all road closures , something no one had ever seen before. Those that were still traveling in car got left where ever they ended up, no one could get across or was allowed to get anywhere no matter there excuse the longest days known to anyone . No one was used to staying in place. Seven days passed by and eventually there was signal again, slowly state by state people were allowed to travel the roads again and use vehicles or transportation. Satellite signals started working again , everyone began using the technology again to reconnect and see where everyone was left. Melody managed to travel through time without any noticeable movement during the great silence. Melody was also able to send out signals to the distant lands, calling forth the new lessons being formed by the celestial reds , decoding there whereabouts Melody had to store the informational downloads to levitate and send out new timelines to the realms of new dimensions placed in the future, Being able to enter the simulation which was the basic foundation of the 3-d earth . Living and placed in the 14th level of perception altering the 3-d earth was only the beginning of what Father earth placed in the DNA strands of organic humans. The other members united with her eventually but would only see the partial elemental part of her meaning no one ever got to meet her in the flesh only in the particle forms created in the cells of technology. They only ever met the holographic version of her not the time traveling angelic form. Travel was not really known or really studied by scientist . The perception of time travel were not the same in her galactic realm.


 Cristina Speaks.

 Season 4- [ep]8


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