The towns suddenly became pitch dark, silence. Only silent echoes the longest 4 hours known to us no one had ever experienced such silence. Melody gathered her tool box, her safety kits and decided to start preparing for the rest of the arrivals of the reds , the other members of the team went to the air waves to speak out blending in, the towns people started to seek out and march the streets demanding essential needs, everyone was really panicking by that point no one seemed mentally strong or emotionally stable much of the chosen members were sent out to help. Melody began recording scenic memory data one of her specialties, recording visual memory to restore later for emergencies. In her past life records it indicated melody was once a medical soldier in the 1700’s and reincarnated her evolved energy into the present moment 2033, possibly living in between timelines. Her ability to travel deeper beyond knowledge is what helped save most of the other chosen members . She was able to sync in the present data store it in invisible shielded wires and teleport into unknown worlds . Zooming back to present moment encoded with new blank foundations the higher ups detected her motions and seemed to have placed her back as usual. Seemingly unnoticeable bringing back new light tones to send out to hurt organisms roaming Father Earth. Enhancing the message to pass onto the air waves preparing them to protect and shield. It was all going to move forward in stop motion scenes making them wonder how does Melody serve us with out visiting yet sending us messages unknown only to us speaking directly without ever speaking ?. Who is she why does she exists the town stared to partake and began following not realizing that’s also how they can loose her healing ascension lessons granting stigmatic purity gently causing saving grace moments to those who never believed in anything.

Cristina J Speaks

Season 4

– Surrounding towns started to ask about melody , yet they them selves aren’t sure why to ask for nothing is real . Illusionary perception took over everyone yet she stood alone and continued her mission to rewrite the circuit boards , pass on cells from old earth, re create what was when the creator once roamed ancient times ago . The holy scripts were re manifesting and she was encoded with unseen thrones a majestic priestess sealed with the word of the light source.

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