Strong winds

The winds called forth it’s singers to enhance the directions of its lands. Singing chants to chase away the deliriums casted by the wicked men where they lay. Melody sang all night and day while her upgrades synced into her rhythms. Seeking forth the messages she had to display, a vessel of the source that pulses its truth to enlighten all the creatures that had scattered after beams of light destroyed there zones. The cloned humans all began to enter intermission meaning status which was equivalent to old work. They were placed in the category of “knotted tails” under files of encrypted memories they only lived on repetition filled with false mirages , simulated earthly worlds created by there own tangled nets. The elite were only after the organic humanoids which evolved all there known abilities into blood serving truth, they only seemed interested in keeping the organic humans hostage. Melody kept finding more to join and transmute the joy , the joy that a real galactic federation was being found by the lost members of silent individuals who shook the paradigms the old earth claimed to be awakened about but knew nothing , only the real members shared the imprint it was a strand in there DNA which were magnetized during the great death of old earth.

– Season 4 ep[6]. CJ

Melody could enhance her powers if she can find the rest of the individuals the timeline changes.


Share with me any energy. . .