Arrow awareness

The force fields soon shun a bright light that called forth a new direction for Melody to observe . The sky formed blue and red tones of sound vibrations it rang in the cities streets and everyone’s ears. In a time collapse she had to use the sun to determine time which helped her dissolve into thin air. While she was planning new pathways into the gates of the keepers much was later revealed after the other team members gathered up the final fruits , Melody gathered her techniques that charged under lunar light while she had to hide out in the temple. Soon after the team connected virtually and proved once more a defeat on the other realms they spoke about new intrinsitive mountains grid like plates appearing as moss made by digital digits that could manipulate there fields. Melody and members teleported into the net the inner world and found blank slates of awareness ready to partake the next level of co existing fields.

Cristina j speaks

Season 4

Episode 2

Colored Lands

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