Storms were gathering the mountains started to turn into patterns of purple and jade green, the ivory clouds spun faster into whirls of winds taking most broken pieces in its wrath. Controlling the weather versus the universal team that was also joining into the stream father earth was testing all of its leaders to see there strength when needing to shield and create its new net of encrypted coded nano orbits. The task required the original members and Melody was right there fighting along with them in metallic frequency that could integrate with the core of old earth. In this form the beings in the other fields of living territory’s were safe the net enlaced there auric fields and they became more resilient to continue creating infinite lands in which we’re all new. Uniting lights that created miraculous endless beings who could create unknown infinite potential evolving past levels known to the human kind. Melody and the rest were now taken into another ship to sail into other forms of consciousness unknown atmospheres that were quantitative stages not yet revealed.

Cristina Speaks

Force Fields

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