Spheres of iridescent skies

No one expected to ever see the incoming of these light beings . Most people were never the same after viewing the truth in the skies. The red lights that took over made some extremely scared as many were already in a paranoid frame of mind , Melody knew that her duty was to heal what they had seen to remove the beams that hovered into there soulless eyes. Eventually nothing was ever the same , everything became diluted and repressed no one was more or less . We were told we couldn’t film anything anymore a strange night it was for everything became known our own officials told us yes they are here and you must protect yourselves from the archon forces that will be dropping laser rays of drone like moths into homes ready to take over our lovely paradises . Infrared laser beams will constantly be what we remembered when the beings wanted to steal our souls. Thankfully we had the coded healers who were sent in to repair hidden in plain sight they were quietly working in there own secret forces training the new era of the new mathematical equations that weren’t yet revealed to the population. Only the strong survived those that understood the sequences could operate against the zones . Melody protected and served daily battles unknown to planet earth.

Cristina speaks

Visionary colorful Melody

Season 4 10/21 preview

Red arrivals

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