To the right place

Fall was approaching in silence sensing strange endings but unclear as to what we needed to be preparing for. Many researched , conspired and looked for any missing hidden knowledge that hadn’t been found before. The organic humans still possessed channeled messages which they used to further move along the new universe unfolding before there eyes. As they evolved into understanding that there was nothing left to research or know it all was amplifying only to be imprisoned in mental states of repetition in order to survive in the new ideologies created by hidden worldly places found only in technology the rest only relied on living life in one dimension never altering there concepts or to create new time lines being paused forever in 2033 . Yet they remained unseen, and considered the treasured humans that can still relied on basic instinct , very rare perhaps to be only seen when needed to defeat the giant creatures that appeared in the last year earth was paused. Everyone else had been upgraded and used to feed the source that provided everything to live in the heaven that was built. The new hybrid human infused aquatic waters started to fill the holographic lakes and rivers . A new world made Of endless forms, Father Earth was generated by DNA strands of the chosen people that were found in quantum lands left unused in Mother Earth .

Season 4 – Created by Cristina J

Preview into new season 10/21

The new temples were being built

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