Traveling families

Melody soon found her new views, wooden chariot wheels of fourtune.

Antique technological defeats were still seen although it didn’t make her have triggers anymore

she still fell into distinct worlds at times watching her new views. Listening became heightening and visualy

spoke to her revealing more truths of unknown forces wanting to find her tower to destroy again.

Melody was sure to restructure and have more mental control only over herself, knowing how to slay the days

of dark futuristic forces she was able to reclaim new titles and new elevations of purification so she can begin again.

Perceiving all new events taking place in the towns and new man made towns of holographic universes, she still had

ancient knowledge on how to defeat and kill in traditional mental clarity’s her natural blood allowed her to see visions

beyond basic thoughtless forms. Many couldn’t think for themselves anymore the new humans weren’t able to feel any

emotion anymore. Melody still carried her supreme abilities that were worth all they were creating, she had to

protect herself and her new identity. Melody found refuge in her new found cottage of aquatic villages that still that

were originally painted with previous artforms from the humans that lived before.

The heatwaves were now radio active holographic energy, and soon the vibrations and dark days were soon near.

Melody Visions

Cristina Jimenez

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