Melody arrived in Italy shortly after the digital world took over , insisting to everyone that most wanted to be left alone or free to be mentally at peace. Since she was a little being she remembers the future everything the changes that occurred and she was having visions again that war would soon start Melody just wanted to enjoy nature’s breeze before it was full of gas debris filling our air.

In the scientific realms Melody was able to perceive , 2033 the great year the arrival occurred the great showdown in the sky the image of a large entity appearing in the sky the story no one cared to believe suddenly we all felt like little bugs about to smashed until we stopped and accepted that what we were seeing was not a hologram but the creators the sky gods we read and made movies about.

We had to rewind and change the future because we actually started to believe that Melody’s visions were true and what she wrote years before , it all came true she sacrificed her happiness so everyone else would become awakened and alive again, to love unconditionally , love the new evolution of human kindness which had nothing to do with respect. but rather empathetic telepathic communication and communicating new beliefs.

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Italia is a past life for Melody

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