Foamy textures everyone only was concerned with sudden breakthroughs cleansing and purifying soap to meet a new pope although these vibrational wars were here to show us our true potential as eternal beings the collective population became concerned with becoming bubbles drenched in worry about our evolution what have we surrounded too. We kept checking our bubble spheres always cleansing never the less trapped in clear energetic traps we started to learn about waves caused by mental pain. We all learned our bubble world only was an invisible false shield were in our own minds now we kept trying to break out.

The bubble eventually vanished we were all operating from different perspectives and lenses adjusting false documentations reviving only our old human memories before they arrived, we had to keep choosing only one or two and many of us kept thinking when did this start and when does it end? You know the loop hole were in and no one was admitting humans were stuck on repetition and the innocent decided to hide instead, it all happened before they arrived. Always near dear.

Cristina Jimenez Artblog


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