Mid night tales

Her brightness was illuminated and orchestrated always questioning beyond these parameters that seem to close in. Melody always pondered beyond these great scales of rules questioning all truth.

Why were those closest confused feeling obligated to question her knowledge ? while all she did was acknowledge your selective pallets of dull characteristics making sure you felt astonished , inspiring you to dissolve the gossip.

Melody was screaming silently inside asking when will society rise above these mental prisons and create there own light rather than cause her shame about her funny games , she was a master of forgetting the hurt , transferring her emotions into new dirt .

“She was never wasting a glimpse of devotion to old repressed emotions .”

Melody was silently screaming dissolve the gossip listen to your breathing illuminate your dark side so you can stop using evil eyes , she always told everyone that she didn’t live in your world , she was bright light guiding motion pictures that are clear.

Clear transparent silver surfaces were now entering our minds we can’t deny what we think we are seeing and what we see is becoming color clear .

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Diagnosed Dancing

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