Enchanted she was

She was alone mostly with her pet friendly friends. For years nothing changed until the digital world took over suddenly everyone knew her name she kinda found it strange all the made up stories they chatted away. She was cleaning and day dreaming nothing changed for her except the world around her , people , and old friends all gazed at her as if she wasn’t herself anymore confused she asked where have you all been? I been in the backyard you all got stuck in your virtual worlds again disputing virtues .

I was busy cleaning the chicken poop you all made of me

thanks it helped all my pet friendly stories gain recognition in human life.

Cristina Jimenez Art .

Glittering debris

Published by Cristina Jimenez

Cristina Jimenez is a mixed media creator painting and using various paint mediums such as oil, acrylic and industrial paint, her works have been displayed in local art walks, boutiques, shops, galleries and sold to personal clients around Southern California Los Angeles area. Tik Tok/ melodyvisions Los Angeles born/Southern California High desert