Depths of the see

Visionary powers are grace true mysticism is found in divine interventions

Transparency let it show, pride eats a lion who is lying

pure intentions are manifested through false pretenses

viewing and creating narratives to place a artist in a box

yet there judgments are there own paradox

laughing at the artist brush and light

yet envious of the purity that diminishes the dark.

Only true masters are used and experimented on

true masters ascend through the lions bite.

True masters live in innocence always protected by source.

Cristina Jimenez ArtBlog

Cristina Jimenez Art Blog #Desertart
Photo by luizclas

Published by Cristina Jimenez

Cristina Jimenez is a mixed media creator painting and using various paint mediums such as oil, acrylic and industrial paint, her works have been displayed in local art walks, boutiques, shops, galleries and sold to personal clients around Southern California Los Angeles area. Tik Tok/ melodyvisions Los Angeles born/Southern California High desert