Translucid realities became our new 8th sense we humans knew that it was all true

we were all updated with new synchronicities and values those that knew the truth were finally flying free

and those who always doubted the essence of the hidden facets of there minds were flipping like fish with out

water there oceans have been depleted.

Everyday became more clear who was still in essence and who was stuck in fear

while I spun in confessions of my own tru man show

ridiculed and blamed.

I realized now im the visionary melody roaming free

no 5g disturbance never on repeat.

I sacrificed my avatar because I ‘am already a star

no need to worry for any glory, just glad were all realizing how

intelligent and potent we are.

Cristina Jimenez Art.

Published by Cristina Jimenez

Cristina Jimenez is a mixed media creator painting and using various paint mediums such as oil, acrylic and industrial paint, her works have been displayed in local art walks, boutiques, shops, galleries and sold to personal clients around Southern California Los Angeles area. Tik Tok/ melodyvisions Los Angeles born/Southern California High desert