Nano particles of stardust will continue to evolve until were dissolved into nothingness for now we enjoy the last hand cooked meals the last original woman made children lets enjoy these last organic waves as we transmute into paradise of our holographic panoramas feeling ecstatic hollowness
we humans believe were returning to a natural state of mind that’s the biggest lie happening before our eyes.
Living in this earth like dimension
it’s all perception of echos ringing back
being human feeling it all the chaos and the rain the ecstasy of rainbows , soon it will all end no more senses only lenses , capturing our emotions the paradigm shift is bringing oneness to live living inside our divine minds to make this earth field a pure vibrational sound. Our human like qualities will form newness of moralities creating a influx of our shape shifting children who will be able to truly change this organic world.
Nano tunes displaying all we perceive it to be.
One song one breath one mess.


Hello loves!