Art installment

Mural Installment
Walmart in the city of Adelanto,CA
2020 Mural installment “Walmart community program”.

My constant need to create stems from a need to reflect on society all my life I’ve been a constant observer ,seer and overly filled with ideas but 2020 changes my style my views and my need to begin to paint from the heart again to express my reality not aesthetically please my senses, but rather grow and adapt into something more real. I’m for ever thankful to those rare few individuals that have stuck with me since I created this webpage in 2017. 2020 has been a blessing in disguise I was planning to pause my art to focus on my main passion which is creative writing, but with all the circumstances occurring it is my responsibility to stand taller for those who are like me no handouts, shout outs or glorification simply a need to heal and create.

Cristina Jimenez.

Hello loves!