2020 rebirth

Cactus dress

She decided to still purchase the dress
Silently she distilled to the desert.
Deciding that night life was more magical roaming alone in the breeze she whispers to the prickly cactus can we be friends? I’ll tell you everything you want to hear but don’t ever tell anyone you saw me wearing this dress. I wanted to see what it was like to wear a goddess gown. You know for the show.-Cristina Jimenez

Scented elegance

Concealing every ounce of devotion
Scents seem to linger.
A new mystery ready to be untold
Watching me like a pearl is found in a strange paradise, her skin yearns for a touch as light as rain and simple as pink.
A mist luminescent coded and embedded she’s softly gone again.-Cristina Jimenez