Working with various paint mediums such as oil, acrylic and industrial paint.

Growing up in the Los Angeles area, traveling to different cities to pursue her gift.

Passion excels in her crafts you can always find her creating vortexes of infinite colors and forms inspired by the phases of the lunar cycles.

Tending to her art by envisioning her own subliminal reality into thoughts, actions and art.

Los Angeles based/Southern California High desert.




2008- Art and music event held at Senior fish Bar and Grille in Downtown La.

2009- Self Help Graphics (hard n the paint)

2010- Harbor city music and art gathering (smoking coffin)

2011-2014 Art and science tutor for before and after school elementary programs (freelance art)

2013- Worked at Paramount studios. LAUSD-(charity event) set up paintings ,outdoor panels, guided art judges to view artwork created by students & arranged scores to decide winners.

2015- East Los Angeles art walk (Quetzal Boutique).

2016-Art and social media networking through instagram , email,personal clients,face painted for birthday and holiday events.

2016-*March- Book article feature in creative women worldwide.

2017-creating content,shipping,blogging & personal writings/poetry from 9 years are now being released.

2017-August*- Artlanding gallery in Inglewood CA (plural expression) .

*shipping artwork to other states.

2018-Established copyrights to artwork.

Book Feature “Creative women worldwide’2015

available on amazon

Instagram ( colorfulmelodies)