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Colors Chant

I began painting seriously at 16 years of age my self painting journey begins in San Pedro California and then raised until 19 in South Gate California. I started to paint the colors of everyday flow that pumps blue and red tones perfected enough for me to display emotions in contrast tones, daily life sounds ,daily life routine, humans, nature and places I greet. In 2014 I birthed my first born son giving birth sparked in me infinite creativity picked up painting again took it a little more seriously as people began to request commissions. I moved hometowns from Los Angeles city to San Bernardino having had moved to a new small town taught me how to adapt to all circumstances naturally provoking a need to paint again although this time it was more about being transparent in my works of art from 2016-Current.

2008- Art and music event held at Senior fish Bar and Grille in Downtown La.

2009- Self Help Graphics(Hard n the paint)Community gathering.

2010- Harbor city music and art gathering (Local Shop)

2011-2014 Art and science tutor (ready-set-go)Los Angeles district Branch.

After school elementary programs (A.S.E.P)-So-Cal through-out Los Angeles

 2015- East Los Angeles art walk (Quetzal Boutique).

2016-Book feature in (Creative WomenWorldWide).

2017- Artlanding gallery in Inglewood CA (Plural Expression)

    2019- Garage Mural/commissions/freelance

2020- Victor Valley Museum Artist exhibit reception in partner ship with San Bernardino County Museums. Live Demo provided.

* Now Art LA-Installment volunteer painting presentation with create now arts Instagram live.