A slow summer but much required although my daily life seems to be fast paced I still feel the slow transitions happening on my outer world here is my current work space these two wood panels will be going on display soon waiting for them to dry before applying a finished varnish I must pace myself due to other visions occurring in my creative process eager to layout new art forms with new mediums new type of paint alongside a new season. I love these wood panels I hope to utilize them in a cool space soon. My current energy has been balanced with a need of communicating more and also retrieving into my own space well if I can. Solitude is new in a new form I never imagined this kind of form then again I envision so many new details I engage with them and get to know them I find comfort in the unknown but also my art comforts me in a natural way. Stay tuned

July 2020

Cristina Jimenez