Art events

Victor Valley CA, Museum High Desert Artist 2020


2008- Art and Music event Senior fish Bar and Grille.(Downtown Los Angeles ,CA )

2009- Self Help Graphics HNDP Event Community gathering. (East Los Angeles,CA)

2010- Music and Art gathering. (Harbor City, CA)

2011-2014 Art and Science tutor ( Southern CA public/private elementary schools LAUSD)

 2015- Quetzal Boutique March 2015 display Art walk (East Los Angeles, CA).

2016-Book feature in (Creative Women World Wide).

2017- Art landing Gallery Plural Expression (Inglewood, CA).

   2018/2019- Garage mural/sold/shipped commissions (Freelance work)

2020- San Bernardino Museum Artist exhibit reception live demo provided ( Victorville, CA )

2020- Donated to Victor Valley Medical Center Supplied with Art Supplies *googles,gloves,lysol ( Victorville, CA )

2020- Donated to community shelter art/school items for Covid-19 School- closures ( Victorville,CA )

2020 @ ( NowArt LA )-Installment for Walmart Store. (Adelanto, CA)

2021– Author copyright for poetry blog site ownership. (

2021– San Diego Arts Gallery/Hotel Palomar (Downtown San Diego).

2021- March Spring Artist Showcase. In Studio presentation of Art Collection. (Southern California).

2021- Cristina Jimenez Gallery Art Curation Auction 3/20-4/22 ( Apple Valley, CA )

2021 – Virtual Print shop presentation Virtual Art zone Shop Opening July 7/10/2021-October 2021.( Palm Desert )

2021- Cristina Jimenez Season 3 Podcast 7/24 premier

Rewritten screens MelodyVisions

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